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Introducing the Wild Ones a one-of-a-kind membership community where the spiritually curious, free spirits, artists, + healers of the earth go to heal, evolve, connect and get the kind of support you need to create a life that lights you up. 


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Imagine if you could unleash your true spirit:

01   Align with your soul's truest expression

02 Be empowered with trusted tools for healing your past, trusting your intuition and living your purpose

03   Release buried wounds, old hurts, and stuck emotions from your energetic and physical body

04 Deepen your spiritual practices

05 Embrace a like-hearted community where your expressions of joy, grief, gratitude, and pain are all welcome

06 Create space to connect inwards with your intuition + find freedom in being your true self 


Love from our members

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Who is this for?

home14.jpgYou are craving to connect with a community that gets you! Where you get to share your aha moments as well as grief and sadness.
home14.jpgYou are ready to connect inwards and discover your truth. To align with what's really important to you. 
home14.jpgYou are ready for change.  To stop repeating the same destructive patterns and learn new ways to experience joy and freedom.
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What's Included?

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  • Instant access to all workshop recordings ($997 value)
  • "The Market" a place for entrepreneurs to share their products + services ($97 value)
  • Exclusive Member Discounts ($997 value)
  • Healing Activations "aka supercharged practices" ($247 value)
  • Members-Only Live Gatherings ($127 value)
  • Super "Secret" Bonus workshops ($247 value)
  • Alchemical Community Practices ($237 value)
  • Like-Hearted Private Community in Mighty Networks ($97 value)
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The time for transformation is now, and it begins with you. 

You know you are meant for something more.  There is a light inside of you that has been diminished by all the "have-to's" in life. You have to go to college, you have to get a good job, you have to work 40+ hours a week, you have to get married, you have to  . . . fill in the blank. Then at the end of the day why do we wonder where I light went?

You are invited

At The Wild Ones we have created a space for you to ignite the fire inside of you and connect with your Wild Soul. 

Are you ready?

xo Jenner Linden, Creatrix of The Wild Ones